This Upscale Timer adds a little desirable and sweet to your kitchen. Keep track of the cooking times with this adorable Kitchen Timer. You can time up to 60 minutes, in one minute increments with this mechanical timer (no batteries). When time is up a bell alarm sounds. Makes a perfect little gift, especially for New Year, Valentine Days, Christmas and any other holidays.

Model: TMR-1010

Size: 2.6 x 4.17 inch (6.6cm x 10.6cm)

Color: Pink, Sweet Ice-cream Shape

Material: ABS plastic

Package: 1pc/box

1. 60 minute quartz timing capacity, Counts down between 1 and 60 minutes.
2. One minute increments allow for precise timing.
3. Wind up timer triggers pleasant ticking and alarm tone, Loud 3-4 second bell alarm alerts you when time is up.
4. Easy-to-operate mechanical pointer (no batteries), Large knob for easy turning.
5. Small enough that you can carry it with you–to the exercise room, to the garden, or around the block.
6. Wipe with damp cloth for cleaning. Not suitable for dishwashers. Do not immerse in water.
7. Versatile for all your kitchen needs, Perfect to time all your favorite foods.
8. Add a splash of color to your kitchen with this vintage mechanical timer.
9. Great for your cooking time, facial time, exercise time or working time. Portable in anywhere you need the countdown.

Using instructions:
For example, when setting up for 5 minutes, please hold tightly the bottom with one hand, then turn the upper part with another hand and then twist the knob clockwise to wind it just right. After that, turn it backwards so the arrow points at 5, done!
When the countdown is over, it will have a 3 seconds bell rings to alert you.

U should notice before using:
Never force to turn the timer!
Wipe with damp cloth for cleaning, Not suitable for dishwashers.
Do not immerse in water.

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