Do you want to teach your child how to |2fb76b4e0ff436670f910bbd66a40216| and bake? Do you wish to empower your child while spending time together?

Good news! You can now bond with your child, cook and bake together, and have fun at the same time.

In this unique children’s cookbook Ally (Ayelet) Nathaniel, #1 best-selling author, combines child-friendly, healthy recipes with parenting tips and fun food-related facts. This book will help you build a child’s confidence and develop a closer bond with your child in the kitchen.

Cooking with children is a great way to nourish the parent-child connection while teaching the child essential life skills. This book will provide hours and hours of fun and recipe-related activities. Your child will learn how to cook and bake, and will widen their horizon learning about food origins, food history and other food-related knowledge.

All the recipes in this book are child-friendly and easy to follow. Each recipe provides detailed step-by-step instructions that allow very young children (as well as older ones) to follow easily.

Some recipes in this book are:

  • Chocolate Balls
  • Pizza Quesadilla
  • Hummus
  • Cheese Pancakes
  • And more

˃˃˃ What do kids gain from cooking?

Confidence and self-esteem – making their own creation from beginning to end.

Feeling of accomplishment – I did it!

Pre-reading and beginning reading skills – number and word recognition.

Language skills – describing, predicting outcome, observing, and vocabulary.

Early math skills – counting, relativity terms (bigger/smaller than, more/ less), measuring exact amount.

Science skills – temperature, reaction, cause and effect, chemistry. Ability to follow step-by-step instructions.

Food literacy – trying new foods; familiarity with fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients.

Use of senses – using all their senses to distinguish differences between textures, odors, sounds, etc.

Creativity – making a new dish and coming up with new ideas.

˃˃˃ What will kids gain from this book?

Multi-sensorial learning experience:

Pre-reading and beginning reading skills – they can see the image with the word related to it, they can hear it while saying its name.

Sensorial learning experience – by looking, touching, tasting, and smelling ingredients they learn to use and trust their senses.

Food literacy – origins of food; experimentation with new flavors, textures, and variety of foods.

General knowledge – by following the ParenTips and discussing the Cool Facts with their parents, they will learn many new things. Children with issues such as dyslexia and ADD, as well as very young kids, will benefit from using this book because the information is organized in a visual way.

Empowerment – the simple recipes and the way they are written enable to children to be independent. Independence leads to higher self-esteem and sense of empowerment.

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