img_3062Opened in 2014, Todd English Food Hall is the first celebrity chef restaurant in Manila. Rob took me there for our anniversary early this year and I loved it so much that I yearned to come back with the kids. Food hall’s seem to be the new trend around the world, where you have large communal dining spaces with food stalls. As it was a local holiday last Monday and I was craving for good food, it was a good excuse for us to take the kids and meet up with my brother and sis-in-law.

When you enter, you are greeted by a spacious interior, where tables are not lined up too close to each other. Different food stations are situated in specific areas within the hall. There is one for flatbread and pizza, salad, sushi, seafood, international cuisine, pasta, grilling and wine/drinks. img_3060

The staff are very friendly and well trained, similar to those that work in hotels.

One of the main attractions is at the center, where a big macaron/cupcake wheel is located (the picture I took doesn’t do justice to it though).

img_4020Their pizza is pretty popular, with many toppings to choose from and are served
straight out of their oven. We tried the Chorizo and Shrimp which is cooked with piquillo sauce, manchego cheese, chorizo and scallions. If you love pizza, this is a great place to try different varieties.

We also ordered their Parmesan Fries, which are served on a special bowl with the ketchup at the top. Pretty inventive. We love french fries so I had to stop everyone from digging in long enough to take a photo. It was gone in an instant.


My kuya (Filipino for older brother), tried their Rigatonni Bolognese. Missing in my photos are their Brooklyn Style Meatball Spaghetti and Classic Burger which the kids ate.

My personal favorite is their Miso Glaze Salmon, which is a pan crisped salmon with miso glaze sauce. It is served with a simple salad with vinaigrette on a narrow plate. It is a bit of a challenge to eat as sometimes the food would fall off the plate.


Rob liked the Steak and Marrow is a US Hanger steak with bone marrow.


My brother also ordered the Boneless Angus Rib-eye Steak. It was the last to be served as it took a while. We were almost disappointed at the delay, but when the pan was served, our jaws dropped.


Equally delightful was when they laid on our table a couple of mini grills so that we can keep the beef warm or cook it further. My sister-in-law and I were marvelling at the grill. It seems to be fuelled by kerosene, or something that looked like the ones used for chaffing dishes. We both wanted one for our homes so we could use it when we have steak nights (we are voracious meat eaters).img_4028

And what’s a meal without some rice? We tried their Crab Fat Rice. Not the healthiest option, but our entire meal wasn’t exactly healthy anyway…lol.


What we have yet to try are their desserts, which I hear, are also yummy. That’s another compelling reason to come back to Todd English soon!


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