Get Ready To Receive The Finest Kitchenware Tool To Astonish Your Loved Ones!

The brand new kitchen utensil you will go crazy about, the ‘KitchenTimes Melon Slicer’!

Just get it and put it to the test yourself.

A Tool Of Perfection

High quality materials, combined with a high quality handle, have been used to create the ultimate kitchen tool!

Corer and slicer and cutter – all in one! Have a slice of melon, or cantaloupe, make some tasty vegetable salads. Use anywhere to cut anything!

The front of the cutter is sharp enough to cut through almost any fruit and vegetable. The rounded-edged handle is non slippery and non sharp – this means you have no risk using it, as it will not hurt or scratch your hands.

Test It & Compare!

Make beautiful pastry designs, offer your guests sweet or salty snacks, to enjoy watching a movie combined with eating some fresh fruit & fresh cut veggies or even to make a fast fruit salad!

Test it on any melon or soft vegetable. You will see that there is no comparison to other so-called slicers.

A great gift too! Your friends will thank you for it! Get it and enjoy the FREE Bonus gift we offer – the amazing Melon Baller!

Make Your Kitchen More Qualified – Order Now The Best Slicer There Is! Add To Your Cart Today!!

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