You may not be actively thinking of weaning your baby, but at seven months your sweetie pie is more than ready for his or her first taste of solids. Mothers who’ve already fed solid foods to their 4-5 month old infants will notice that clear soups don’t cut it anymore. Your little one is growing up fast and needs more than a tablespoon or two of watered down purees. Chances are you’re not producing as much milk as before and need to fill the nutrition gap. You may be one of those many moms whose maternity leave is running out, making it time to leave their kids in daycare or with a nanny. To ensure your child doesn’t go hungry when you’re not around, introduce them to other natural foods when they turn seven months or older. Keep them satisfied by adding fruits, grains and veggies to their diet. Choosing between convenience and health Have you ever wondered how commercial baby foods last for months, or how formulas taste so good? The answer is really simple – unwanted preservatives, excess salt and added sugar. Yes! Contrary to the advice of most pediatricians, with store bought products you’re feeding sugar and salt to baby from an early age. According to doctors, babies don’t need extra sugar, particularly the refined variety, as fruit and vegetable sugars and carbs serve all their energy needs. Every caring mother wants the best for her child. Homemade foods are the safest and healthiest options you can choose. You don’t need fancy equipment to create baby foods at home. All you need to do is buy organic and fresh produce. What will you gain from these recipes? The baby mashes in this book are nutritional powerhouses. These recipes are made with fruit and vegetables, soft cheeses, yogurt, eggs, meat and fish. This provides your little ones with vital micro-nutrients. Most are cooked versions while some mashes use raw fruits. You’ll be developing your child’s sense of taste by adding herbs, spices or nuts. There is no hard-and-fast rule for solid foods, except for avoiding certain forbidden foods and watching out for any allergic reaction. Choose either fruit or vegetable mashes as first foods. Infants used to solid foods can be fed mixed mashes, grain congees, eggs, and cooked meat and fish. Experiment with varied flavors and use spices and herbs frequently as your tots approach their first birthday. This book has thirty unique purees for babies in the 7-11 month range. Each of these meals provides two to four servings. Make larger quantities in advance and, in most of these recipes, you can store them in the freezer. My recipes contain common ingredients including fruits, vegetables, eggs, grains, meat, fish, herbs, nuts and spices. You can adopt and adapt these recipes and come up with new mash combos. Let your child explore new foods, textures and flavors. Enjoy feeding them safe and nutritious foods, and watch them grow healthy. Come fill their Mason jars with wholesome, natural foods!

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