They are traditional decorations for Chinese people. The last night of a year in Chinese lunar calendar is called Chuxi, which means removing the old, and prays for the best. On Chuxi, Chinese people will put couplets/ door stickers/ Fu words in the doorways and paste paper cutting on the window to celebrate the coming of New Year. These decorations convey Chinese people’s best wishes for the coming New Year.All the Chinese children like Spring Festival best. For they can wear new clothes, eat delicious food and set off fireworks. Most important is that they can get lucky money from the elder. The lucky money is always packed by red envelope, for color of red means lucky and happiness in China.This Chinese couplet set will help you experience the tradition and learn more about this festival.This Package Contains 27 Pcs:1 set Smaller Couplets(95cmx16cm);1 set Bigger Couplets(115cmx18cm);2 x Red Paper Lantern;6 x Large Red Envelopes;6 x Small Red Envelopes;4 x Fu Characters;4 x Window Decoration(30cm);2 x door children sticker;1 x FU bag(95cmx16cm);Wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

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